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| Dominik Tudor Maican

Getting Started for OSSE Park Prescribers

Watch this 1-minute video so you can be effective in your park prescriptions.

Creating an Account and Prescribing Parks

  1. Watch the video located on this page and then get registered. Familiarize yourself with your new account, learn how to find parks and filter search results, and test making an actual park prescription by sending one to yourself or a colleague.

    Always remember to log in to your provider account before creating a student prescription.
  2. Be prepared to have a conversation about getting outdoors and assess the willingness of the student and/or family to follow through on a park prescription. What kinds of things do they like to do outside? Where do they feel safe going?
  3. All park prescriptions should specify location, activity, frequency and duration. As general guidelines we recommend:

    1. LOCATION: Prescribing 1-2 parks conveniently located and preferably familiar to the student and/or family
    2. ACTIVITY: An activity that interests the student, or that he/she has agreed to during your visit
    3. FREQUENCY: A frequency of 2-5 visits per week, depending on the schedules of the student and/or family
    4. DURATION: For the length of the current school semester or cycle where we (PRA) will be monitoring the activity
  4. Prescriptions can be sent via text to mobile devices, by email or simply printed out during the appointment. In each delivery a URL (https://parkrxamerica.org/rx) is provided to an online prescription page where participants can record that they went to the park.
  5. Every park prescription generates a unique PRx code (Park Rx Code) that is shared between the Park Prescriber and student/family. This code allows us to track activity on the prescription anonymously. Park Prescribers must record this code on the paper prescription pad that is sent home with the student and will be used by the student to record their activity, and to look up park visits under "my prescriptions" on the Park Rx America website.
  6. Note that while park prescriptions are issued one per student, notifications can be sent to multiple parties at once using the prescription tool. In this way you can include the whole family in the prescription, and in fact we recommend this a way to encourage participation, and an added benefit to everyone who joins in.
  7. If a student requests a new or modified Park Rx, the Park Prescriber will use the PRA platform to generate a new park prescription (following the same steps to generate the original prescription). The Park Prescriber is to record the original PRx code and the new PRx code and send an email to the Nature Liaison documenting the issuance of a new prescription along with any insight as to why the prescription was changed (e.g., parent didn't approve of the location, student interest changed, etc.). No personal identifying information (e.g., name, age) of the student should be shared with the Nature Liaison.

Filling the Prescription - Students Recommended Visits Recording

  1. Students with a park prescription will be asked to record their visit to a prescribed park by going to their prescription online or via the app (Park Rx America OSSE) and clicking the "I visited this park" button next to the park visited along with answering two additional questions: how the visit made them feel, and how long they spent at the park.

    Students can access their prescription through the Park Rx America app or by going online to https://parkrxamerica.org/rx and entering their unique PRx code to access their personal prescription fill page.

    This recommendation to log each of their park visits for the full duration of the prescription should be made clear to the student/family during the prescription creation. If we are not seeing any activity on a PRx code, the Nature Liaison will work with you to make sure it's not because they are simply forgetting to record their visit!
  2. Have fun! We know and appreciate all the things we have to keep track of these days, but we really are just making a simple ask here to get outside and have fun. We also hope that the conversation around park prescriptions provides new ways to connect and talk to your students about nature and value of connecting with it.

Download instructions

If you have any questions or concerns about the writing prescriptions or anything related to the study please contact your Park Rx America Nature Liaison Derrick Faison at derrick@parkrxamerica.org

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